Sweet Dream Technology

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What Do We Do? The Site Serves Consumers

A comparison efficient products. Comparative tests of products regularly updated. The results you can sort according to your own needs, by brand, by price, features ...

More than 600 products tested continuously. Once a new product appears on the market, the UFC-Que Choisir buys and testing. The results of the test bench are immediately online.

Comprehensive buying guides. All families of products tested are accompanied by a buying guide that details all the right questions to ask before you buy, the criteria to really consider and those without much interest. Guides are available on all sorts of electronic and non electronic stuff. We talk about computer components like PC Displays, Printers, Keyboards, CPUs and peripherals like keyboards, mice etc. 

All recalled unsafe products. Once a product is recalled by a professional as hazardous to health or consumer safety, the information is carried with the references of the offending product. A database that currently has more than 1600 product recalls.

Closer product videos. Without waiting for the results of the technical test of a new product, videos come make an assessment of the relevance of novelty, its strengths and weaknesses in its use.

Permanent forums. Opinions on a survey, a test, a new product ... The floor was given to you through our forums. Come bring your witness and participate in the discussion with other people.

Many letters for all your efforts. Regularly updated according to changes in the law, they will guide you and settle at best all major consumer disputes.

Investigative records. Writing Que Choisir consumer invests the universe and its workings decrypts and scenes to help you live better every day.

Field surveys. Thousands of volunteer investigators gather on the whole territory of the price information and professional practices to alert you.

Economic analyzes. Slippage of prices, trade agreements, abuse ... economists analyze markets and denounce any behavior detrimental to consumers.

Legal battles. The legal department takes legal action to penalize irregular or develop case law practices.

lobbying actions. The UFC-Que Choisir works with governments, national and European parliamentarians or regulatory bodies to advance your consumer rights.

And a network of local ... who is with you, assist you and advise you. More than 150 local associations UFC-Que Choisir help you solve consumer disputes and you are close to you.